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About Us

Whatever you do, do it well.

Capital Benefit Group is a place where employees don't just come to work, they stay for years to come. Our team is a small, tightly-knit group that often feels like family. We love being here because each member has an impactful role in the company. Every team member is valued and you don't get lost as just another cog in the system. 

We pride ourselves on a great work-life balance and always put our people first. Our recently renovated office space is modern and inviting, complete with access to a gym membership in the facility. 


Whether you're a seasoned veteran in the insurance industry or have never worked near health insurance, please feel free to apply. We believe in getting talented people onboard and finding a place for them within our ranks. If you don't see a role that you're interested in below. Feel free to simply submit your resume and we'll see if there's a good fit. 

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Visit the link below to see our current job postings on Indeed. You can also check out our page on LinkedIn for more details. 


Otherwise, feel free to send a resume to

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